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The Long and Short of It

Child’s Play


I was having lunch the other day with a good friend of mine - Stella. We sat outside on hippy-style benches, soaking up some good doses of sunshine while we engaged in relentless chit-chat.

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The Chicken Roll


Last weekend, I had brunch in a relatively new café in The Hague. I’d been there a number of times before and so thought I knew what to expect.  We were served by a friendly woman who took down our order of soup, a breakfast menu and a chicken roll.

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The Tenor


It is in the heart of Venice that we found ourselves, seated in an intimate chapel-like building as ancient looking as the rest of Venice. The concert programmed was to be predominantly Vivaldi strings with extras by Handel in the form of his “Ombra Mai Fu” which I was particularly looking forward to hearing.

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The Eavesdropper


Picture it. A cafe-tearoom at 8:30 in the morning. Almost deserted, but for a small group of people in a huddle. Their coats still on, pouring over steaming cups of coffee, I am greeted by their morning faces. I sit with my back to them and order my caffeine shot. I grab my note-pad and pen.

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Amateur Parent Turns Pro


One afternoon I was shopping in the local Albert Hein, with my 5 year old son. He was hell-bent on getting a trolley, as for him this would mean the chance to get in it and lounge.

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