The Long and Short of It

Opening this page might mean you consider acquiring Karen's services.



At this point in her career Karen is interested in any kind of writing commission. It is in her interest to expand her portfolio of published articles and to develop her network. She invites you to put forward any suggestions.


Even though Karen is open to all writing commissions she also has fields of specialisation of which she has unique knowledge. Karen pitches ideas in these areas to publishers.



Karen has written book reviews and is also a good researcher and expert of languages, supported by her academic education.



Karen has a broad knowledge of the following:



Karen is a passionate cook and has an interest in nutrition and health.


Children and family matters

Karen is a mother and teacher, takes great interest in children's development and is engaged in writing children's books.   


Cities and travel

Karen loves writing about discovering world cities and cultural hotspots.


Daily life

Karen likes to write about her own unique observations of daily life as a thirty something in the buzz of modern society.