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The Long and Short of It

The Last of the Hippies


Just when you think you know the partner you have been with for the past two years, something happens that jolts you out of a seeming reverie and sightless state.


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The Pirate Party


The fateful day had arrived. It was a Sunday - forget holy day or day of rest, this was to be a day of unrest and pure wickedness. Preparations had been made all week and on the day before the party, my boyfriend Peter and I brainstormed the coolest Pirate antics for 5 year olds.


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Beauty, a word we hear and read regularly, yet, somehow, I question whether we really know how to define it? Apparently, as a western society, we do not seem to be too bothered about questioning what ‘true’ beauty is.


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A Change of Heart


It’s been an off-week. You know the kind – unproductive, uninspired and unimpressive. I must admit though, one highlight does stand out from all the lowlights, our one and a half year anniversary. My partner and I not only celebrate whole years of togetherness, but also half years , as mushy as that sounds!


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The Archipelago


As a single mother, I have the tendency to assume that I am on my own solitary island, surrounded by an ocean of ‘normal’ families. Yet, when I bumped into the mother of one of my son’s classmates the other day, it turned out that she too was a single mum.


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